Find people, things, and events

You can search your photos for anything: your family, friends and pets, the trip to Hawaii, or the wedding you attended.

  • 1. Go to search page
  • 2. Type the tags in the search bar on the top
  • 3. You can search names, things, events, locations, time, and your own tags

Manage the photos of your family and friends

PhotoTime has grouped the photos of your family and friends automatically. You can add names to make them searchable.

Name a face group in people page

For unknown face groups:

  • 1. Tap the face group you want to name
  • 2. Enter the name

For unknown face groups:

  • 1. Long press on the face group or tap the edit icon
  • 2. Tap the edit button
  • 3. Enter the name
Add face tag in the photo
  • 1. Tap the photo
  • 2. Tap edit people tag icon
  • 3. Tap the face to add the name
Hide the face you don’t want to see
  • 1. Go to people page
  • 2. Long press on the face group or tap the edit icon
  • 3. Tap the trash icon(Only the face icon will be hided in people page. The photos are not deleted.)

Find photos from different sources

Managing more photos by connecting with Facebook and Amazon Cloud Drive.

Connect drives
  • 1. Tap the more action icon on top right
  • 2. Toggle on the drives

Share photos with your family and friends

After finding the photos, you can also share them with your family and friends.

Share single photo
  • 1. Tap the photo
  • 2. Tap “share”

Personalize the tags

For example, you can add “Julie’s birthday” to the photos you took on your daughter’s 5th birthday party, or “Rufus” to all the photos of your lovely dog.

Add tags to multiple photos
  • 1. Long press on the photo
  • 2. Select the photos
  • 3. Tap the add tag icon
  • 4. Enter the tag and done!
Delete or add tags in single photo
  • 1. Tap the photo
  • 2. Tap the edit tag icon
  • 3. If you want to delete, tap the cross on the tags.If you want to add, type in the top bar to add the tag you want to add
Bookmark your favorite search results
  • 1. After search the tag, tap the bookmark icon next to the search bar

1. How long will it take for PhotoTime to tag all the photos for the first time?

It will take a while for PhotoTime to tag all your photos if you are a first time user. The tagging time depends on the number of photo. Once the tagging process done, you don’t have to wait for it again. Please be patient, and you will feel the magic. We recommend you to patiently explore the app for a while, and use WiFi to expedite the tagging speed.

2. Does PhotoTime use lots of mobile data transferring images?

No. We built PhotoTime so that it could be enjoyed without using lots of mobile data. Only photo thumbnails (much smaller than the original photos) will be sent to the server for analysis to keep data transfers minimal. When the tagging is done, PhotoTime does not send back photos or the thumbnails, just the auto-generated tags. A WiFi connection is recommended to tag your photos faster, especially the first time you use the app.

3. How does PhotoTime auto-tag friends and family in the app?

The program automatically groups similar faces together. In addition to that, if you connect to your Facebook accounts, then we leverage the tagged faces on Facebook to auto recognize your friends and family in the photos in your local album.

4. What if there’s no result after search?

There might be some tags you’d like to use but we didn’t include. In this case, you can add a personal tag to the photo or a group of photos, for example, “my birthday party.” And the personal tag will be searchable. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve got a tag idea you think should be included with PhotoTime.

5. Why aren’t all the faces in my photos tagged?

PhotoTime does its best to detect faces under a wide range of resolutions, compressions, angles, and lighting conditions. If we miss someone, you can tag or remove them in each photo.

6. How to change the avatar for each face group?

You will be able to change the avatar of yourself: tap the more action icon, then tap the photo of yourself. But you are not able to change the avatars for your friends and families for now.

7. What if there are multiple collections of one person?

There might be multiple collections of one person. You can give them the same name and they will be in the same collection.

8. Will I lose all my PhotoTime data if I delete the app or log out?

If you registered with an account, you will not lose your tag data. All of your tag data (never your photos themselves) will be saved with the account.

If you are a pioneer user who doesn’t have an account, we recommend you update PhotoTime and create an account. All of your old data will be saved.

9. I want to connect with more photo sources. What should I do?

Currently we only support Facebook, Instagram and Amazon Cloud Drive. We will add more drives in the future.

Have an idea, suggestion, or issue with PhotoTime? We’re here to help. If you can’t find the answer you need, contact us directly for assistance.